Wayne Donnelly - Hypnotist Show

Sporties Club

Doors Open 7pm

Show Starts 8pm

Tickets $25

Event Details


Mayhem, mirth and mesmerizing fun in demonstrating your mind power! Want to see your friends think they are Miss Australia, speak fish language or have lost their favorite body part? You can see all this and more in a comedy hypnosis show with Gold Coast hypnotist Wayne Donnelly.

This is a show where you and your friends can become the stars in a safe, tasteful and unforgettable way that will have you laughing and talking about the experience long after the show. "It's not magic, voodoo or mind control" says Donnelly. "Instead, it is you allowing yourself to go on a hilarious adventure of your unconscious mind".

So if you are looking for a fun, memorable and mesmerizing time why not join in the fun and see Wayne Donnelly's comedy hypnosis show like thousands before you. You have the opportunity to either see the show or BE the show. Donnelly says "You could sit and watch the show. Yet, for those who are ready to have a lot of fun on the night, it is so much more fun on stage. The response of both volunteers and audience are priceless." Anything can, and most likely will...happen!


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